Behind the success of 5G teleoperation, there is little-known concentration and deep ploughing

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12 March 2019
Xicheng district

Mr. Dong Jiahong, chairman of the Intelligent Medical Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and executive director of Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, is in a 5G new media center. At the same time, he connects Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University with Shenzhen People's Hospital. Through the live broadcast of ultra-high-definition communication without delay, he is able to broadcast to Beijing and Shenzhen. Two remote operations in Shenzhen were conducted with real-time remote technical guidance, and finally two severe patients were successfully treated.

The operation spanning nearly 3,000 kilometers, based on the advantage of 5G technology communication without delay, allows the operation to break the restriction of space and gather high-quality top medical personnel. At the same time, the application of mixed reality preoperative planning system enables the operation to be precisely positioned, whether in the evaluation of diagnosis or in the implementation of resection. Or it is more convenient to explain the illness to patients and their families with the help of stereoscopic and intuitive three-dimensional images after operation.

In fact, compared with the novelty of 5G technology, this preoperative planning system is more mature. With the help of a series of cutting-edge computer technologies, such as three-dimensional image technology, hybrid reality technology, human-computer interaction technology, the various tissues and organs of the patient's body are presented in mixed reality with intuitive and accurate visualization of three-dimensional graphics. In the equipment, a series of digital simulation tools are provided to enable the surgeon to simulate the upcoming operation on the basis of this data, so as to better formulate the operation plan.

This system, known as the "doctor's third hand", has won many awards for medical equipment, which greatly increases the "visibility" of doctors. In order to make this system better match the master knife physician, it is necessary to show the effect of the system to doctors in a special way. According to the news at the beginning of the article, the 5G communication three-dimensional image real-time synchronous display and playback product worn by the knife operator is a new AR glasses NED+X2 from Beijing nedplusar Display Technology Co., Ltd. It undertakes the hardware manufacture of this product. It is the standing vice president unit of Guangdong Robot Association, Kimdai Intelligence Creation, Shenzhen City. New Technology Co., Ltd., a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer in the field of intelligent manufacturing, focuses on the landing of hardware for intelligent products.