One key to find things, two-way loss-proof. Intelligence can also be emotional and intimate!

Publish: 2019-07-23 11:36:27 Update: 2019-09-18 11:36:59 View: 748

On July 23, Millet Merchandise Mall put on the shelf today an intelligent anti-loss device, one key to find things, two-way anti-loss. You can use a mobile phone to find a lost-proof device, and you can also use the lost-proof device to find a mobile phone. This anti-loss device has a pebble-like appearance and is divided into three colors: white, blue and pink.

The length, width and thickness of the intelligent anti-loss device are only 42x42x8mm, and its weight is only 10g. It has a light and fashionable appearance, skin-friendly touch, and is equipped with specially designed leather hanging rope, which can be hung on the carry-on items such as backpacks, wallets and so on. This intelligent anti-loss device uses button batteries and can be replaced by opening the back cover. It can last up to one year.

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