Kim Dai won the

Publish: 2019-10-16 09:17:39 Update: 2020-04-01 14:49:22 View: 1063
Kim Dai won the "global enterprise social responsibility science and Technology Progress Award" of the United Nations

The 2019 global CSR summit was held in the Nelson Mandela conference room in the permanent observer mission of the African Union to the United Nations on October 15, EDT, in recognition of the global "integration of corporate social responsibility into the core" Among the 14 enterprises and individuals whose business strategy is to accelerate the realization of the UN 2030 sustainable development goals, Kim Dai, a Shenzhen based Chinese enterprise, won the "global CSR Technology Advanced Award" and Wang Maolin, the founder, was invited to attend the award dinner.

The global corporate social responsibility summit is co sponsored by the Sierra Leone mission to the United Nations, the global CSR foundation, African views and Zun media. It focuses on "serving the sustainable development of global partners", "building sustainable cities and communities", "adopting responsible consumption and products", "Empowering agriculture". The topic "women and girls in villages and poverty-stricken areas" shows the successful experience of a group of enterprises from all over the world who have positive innovation and take responsibility for sustainable development. Adedapo adeen aderemi, international outstanding sustainable development promoter, Victoria sulimani, Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, Bruce knots, former chairman of the UN NGO and director of the sustainable development committee, Zhao Jin, CEO of global corporate social responsibility foundation, international political and business leader and global non-profit agency Table, academic experts and other 200 people attended.
At the summit, chairman Wang Maolin, an outstanding entrepreneur from China, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of building a global sustainable development partner for enterprises.

Chairman Wang Maolin introduced that KimDai intelligent is a technology company with the ability of software and hardware development and platform building, and a company that provides professional and one-stop landing services for intelligent products. The company's business includes product design and development, production, testing and quality control, as well as after-sales service, etc.KimDai intelligent can provide integrated services. Now the mass production products include educational companion robots, elderly service robots, AR glasses, face recognition access control, etc., and the clients include SanDisk, honwell. Ping An technology, Baidu, bell, Shangtang technology, Tencent and other AI industry clients

At the same time, chairman Wang Maolin made a speech on KimDai intelligent's social responsibility and sustainable development strategy, which was divided into three parts:
     ·The first is equipment. We use reasonable mold design to reduce waste and effectively reduce energy consumption. Maintain the equipment regularly to keep the equipment in normal working condition. At the same time, the environment and exhaust monitoring shall be done to prevent the emission of harmful gases.
     ·The second is responsibility. KimDai  company emphasizes the relationship with the supply chain, which must comply with human rights law, and the supply chain with quality assurance can cooperate with us. So as to ensure the safety of materials and quality.
     ·The third is employee relationship. We guarantee the employees' deserved benefits and work in a happy environment. At the same time, some family days are held to allow employees and relatives to interact with children after work.

At this global corporate social responsibility summit, the sponsor awarded the "global CSR Technology Advanced Award" to KimDa intelligent. This award is not only a reward for KimDai intelligent to adhere to the original intention of science and technology for the benefit of mankind and devote itself to the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing industry for many years, but also aims to encourage more organizations, individuals and enterprises to practice social responsibility and promote Sustainable development vision. Looking back on the future, all the efforts are of special significance today. I believe that this commendation is not only an affirmation, but also the first step of the journey.