• Product development
    Kim Dai has a team of over 60 dedicated engineers working on high-end intelligent product development. Built over 100 models of different intelligent products for customers’ fast adoption.
    Product development
  • Design engineering
    With 17 years of mold making and plastic injection experience, our mechanical design team and mold design team work together to provide the best Mechanical and Mold Design in all areas to meet different Clients’ needs.
    Design engineering
  • Mould making
    Adopted state-of-the-art equipment from Japan and Switzerland. Through years of experience in plastic mold making, KD is good at helping customer to shorten the mold making cycle and improved the precision.
    Mould making
  • plastic injection
    We constantly learn from our experience and never stop improving. Imported Japan injection molding machines to reach a quality-stable and efficient plastic injection.
    plastic injection
  • Secondary processing
    value the importance of secondary processes, provide silk screen, painting and plating service to achieve the most ideal appearance.
    Secondary processing
  • Quality management
    Strict and sound quality system to eliminate your concerns post sample approval. KD is a data-based company, strengthened with Japanese and Germany high-end quality control equipment such as CMM, projector, High and low temperature test chamber and Spectrophotometer.
    Quality management
    The factory is equipped with SMT and PCBA lines, and the electronic engineer and software test engineer provide the most professional and intuitive feedback to customers in real time, and assist customers to build the best products.
  • smart product assembly
    20000㎡ workshop with 10 assembly lines, producing 20000 sets of smart product daily, 500000 sets per month.
    smart product assembly
  • Laboratory
    Kim Dai is armed with an independent lab to conduct smart product test. Including but not limited to these experimental testing equipment: projector, high and low temperature tester, plug tester, Key stroke test machine, bare machine tester, CMM, ROHS tester.
  • after-sale service
    In addition to focusing on the creation of products, kim Dai also formed an after-sales maintenance team to support our buisness partners.
    after-sale service